The Increasing Popularity Of Android Mobile Gaming

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After the invention of smartphones, it was quite obvious that there would be an improvement in the way we used our phones for communication or playing games. In the last decade, smartphones have been updated significantly and their features improved in terms of display, camera quality, memory, and materials used for efficiency. Today, these devices are nothing short of mini computers that can handle almost anything from the most basic tasks to playing HD games originally available through gaming consoles.

The rise of smartphones has been a major boost in the gaming industry, especially with the introduction of affordable android devices. These android smartphones have contributed immensely to the gaming market, with over 60% of mobile gamers using them to place wagers on Betway and play other online games.

In the second quarter of 2020, mobile players spent over $19 billion on gaming, with 21% of all android app downloads being related to games. This clearly shows that android gaming is a big business today, attracting the attention of online casino operators who are continually developing Android apps to help punters wager easily. The Betway betting app is a great example of how these operators are leveraging the growth of this on-the-move gaming style to attract Android users. 

The Year Of Gaming

In 2020, most people spent a significant part of the year locked down in their homes and staying off clouded places like stadiums and other entertainment centers. As a result, most people chose to play online casino games to have fun and connect with friends at the comfort of their homes with minimal effort. 

Amid these harsh times, mobile gaming rose as a more convenient and simpler source of entertainment compared to other solutions. That contributed to its huge appeal in these unprecedented times, making mobile gaming among the highest performing industries in the globe, with the trend extending into 2021. 

2020 recorded a 12% growth in the number of android mobile players, with annual revenue reaching an incredible $77.2 billion. There was also a significant rise in investments for developing android games, with investors and developers introducing creative innovations to stand out in the 2021 market and get a piece of the pie. That comes as great news for online android gamers who are always looking out for new adventures. 

Continued Growth

In 2021, the android gaming market is set to experience significant growth, with leading developers focusing on the gambling market and monetizing free-to-play games. This trend is all thanks to the accessibility of these mobile devices, especially in low-income markets. Remember that Android is the world’s most popular operating system in the world today, dominating over 40% of the global market, which is considerably more than any operating system can claim. 

As more people continue taking an interest in mobile gaming, android developers will grow their market share by creating new games and making the existing ones more accessible to a wider audience. Fortunately, android technology offers the best platform to do that and we are set to see a continued increase in demand for these games. 

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