Things to check and consider when buying a used Android Phone

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Buying a used Android phone can be a good alternative if you can’t afford a new one. It can also be a good choice if you want to buy a high-performance phone or luxury Android device. Take, for instance, you love the latest Samsung tablet but you can’t afford it. You may go for a used one. I have been into this for long. Most times, you can get the device for a very low price. Most times, you might get a few months used at a giveaway price. 

Before we proceed, I would like to explain the two keywords in the article which are “Check” and “Consider”.  According to the Oxford dictionary, Check means “examine so as to determine accuracy, quality, or condition”, while Consider means “think about carefully; weigh”. 

From the above definition, we now know that the two key terms are not the same.  Things to consider refers to things that will determine the Android device you will be going for, while things to check refer to the necessary checks or thorough examination you should carry out on the used Android device to ascertain its quality and the condition. 

Let me start with things to consider when buying a used Android device or phone. These factors will determine the device you are buying. In mathematics terms, we will refer to these factors as the determinants. 

Things to check and consider when buying a used Android Phone

1. Your budget

This factor plays a significant role in the Android device you will be buying. Whenever I’m writing or advising someone on buying a used device, I always emphasize much on the budget

Before you think about the Android device you must map out a budget and work with your budget so you don’t go bankrupt after buying the new device. 

2. The specifications you need in your next android device

Try as much as possible to determine the specifications you want in your next Android. Write this down, this will help to reduce stress when you are making market research. 

3. Purpose of buying the device

For what reason am I buying this device? This should be the big question you should ask yourself. Make sure the device you are buying will serve the purpose for which you are buying it. 

Now let’s come to the things to check when buying a used Android phone. 

By now, you must have put everything into consideration, it’s now time to walk into the store to get a good device that will serve your purpose. 

1. Check the screen and touchpad

This must be done thoroughly to make sure there are no cracks on it. Take time to examine the screen to make sure there is no line on the screen. If you don’t know much about this, I always advise you to hire the services of an Android phone repairer to accompany you.

2. Check and test the headphone jack and the USB ports

 You shouldn’t check it only, test it to by inserting the USB and headphone jack into it. Make sure there is no broken leg there. Make sure these ports are working. If it doesn’t, never make the mistake of buying this device. 

3. Make sure the phone does not have any locks on it

 I am pretty sure you don’t want to buy a device that is locked out. Carry out a thorough test on it to make sure there are no locks whatsoever on it. Try accessing every part of the phone. 

4. Verify the IMEI number of the phone

This is very vital, in fact this is very important. Head over to to verify if your device is genuine. This website will give you every data you need to know about the history of your device.

Once you type in your phone’s IMEI number and click on search, you will get a response to your phone if it’s stolen or not. Before you buy any device be it android or IOS, verify the IMEI so you don’t end up behind bars. 

5. Reset the mobile device after purchase

Once you have purchased the Android device, you should reset it so it goes back to the factory settings and also wipes out the old user’s data if there was any left. 

6. Compare prices online so you don’t get scammed

This is very important, go to other websites to compare the prices of the device you are buying. You can check out the list of Android devices in Nigeria. You can go to Jumia, Jiji, etc. You can get additional discounts with some Jumia Maroc coupons.

With this, I hope you have been enlightened. Don’t forget to like and share this post.  

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