Tips and tricks to use WassApp more effectively

wassapp tips and tricks

WhatsApp is by far the most popular chatting app which is also used for social networking these days. It started off a few years back with a low profile and  because of its ease of use just like playing a Roulette online game,, it gained popularity and it was soon acquired by Facebook. It has got multi-million uses, over a billion in fact and its uses are always increasing every hour. 

If you use your WhatsApp then  you would surely like to know certain tips and tricks that can help you in dealing with it in a better way. In this article  we are going to provide you some useful information about WhatsApp. You might be aware of some of the tips and tricks and you might not be aware of others. So find out some interesting information that you can use about WhatsApp which would enable you to use it in a much more comprehensive manner. 

Hide your WassApp online activity level

At times we do not want others to know about our activity level. You can do it in WhatsApp in lots of ways. If you would like that other people are not aware of your activity then see you can simply go to the airplane mode and access the message while remaining in the airplane mode. In this way, others will not be able to trace your online activities during the time that you remain in airplane mode.

Turn read receipts notifications off

If you would not like to confirm the read receipts then you can do that in settings. You can go to the settings and private in security options with the options that others are not able to know if you have read your messages. That applies vice versa as well so you too will not be able to get information about others reading your message. 

Save data

WhatsApp is a busy app and it keeps on working all the time and uses lots of data. It might not be evident on your mobile but you will see that excessive usage of data does put some kind of pressure on its activity. So you should try out all the possible methods to minimize the use of the data.

A simple way to do it is to go to the settings and click on the data usage option there and then click on use less data during a call. This would substantially reduce the amount of data transfer that is done during WhatsApp and it would also improve the performance of your phone. You can use this option as in when you can find it in other apps too. 

Backup and save chats

You can also save chats in WhatsApp. If you would like to do that then you can simply go on the three dots on the upper right and then click on the settings. There you’ll see the options of backup and storage and you can select a save chat that will keep up backup of all the chats. If you would like to bookmark or save any particular chat then you can do that as well. 

Run WassApp by voice

If you would like to run it by voice commands and you can do some basic options without really touching your mobile screen. Just use Google Assistant and ask it to send the message to the particular person or group. It will get activated and take you there and ask you about what  message you would like to send then you can voice type the messages as well and it would reach the destination. Make sure that you pronounce the name of the target destination correctly. This is quite an effective and easy way to operate WhatsApp and you need not even touch your smartphone to do that.

Bookmarking messages

Bookmarking is one of the necessary options that you are always looking for. If you are an active WhatsApp user then you might receive hundreds of new messages everyday and sometimes in every hour. It becomes very difficult to sort out the correct message. At times you look like to cut down and short list the important messages. You can do it in two ways; you can bookmark the message by simply holding the message and clicking on the bookmark option that appears on there. 

That would separate that message and make it look important and easy to trace. In the same way if you would like to remember a message if you read a message and you like to unread it then you can do it as well. You can simply click on the message and click on the options of unread. 

These are some of the simple ways in which you can make your WhatsApp experience more comprehensive. Apart from there are hundreds of other small and big tricks that could be useful to you. You can simply keep on exploring WhatsApp as it also keeps on adding lots of new features. So whenever they have an update to take out some time to read about it that would make you more aware about the recent developments in WhatsApp and in that way you will be able to use it in the most appropriate manner. 

There are also lots of YouTube video tutorials as well as text articles on applications like WhatsApp which provides you some great tips and tricks. Every user has certain experience to share and at times you can find things that are quite interesting and you might not be aware of. So it’s always good to keep in touch with the Internet and keep on searching for what you are looking for. 

Be it WhatsApp or any other App, Google and internet has got almost all answers to your queries. If you would like to know something in particular about WhatsApp, leave a comment below and we shall look into it and try to present you a solution, if it is available on with us.

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