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It’s no longer news that the way to gain a large following and have more visibility on Instagram is to increase your engagements: followers, likes, views, and comments on your posts. However, what’s still a secret to most users is that they can buy Instagram comments directly from service providers.

This method is effective and inexpensive, but the question many people have is, “Will Instagram flag accounts that purchase comments?” The answer is, “It depends on the types of comments you purchase.”

Organic engagements convince Instagram’s algorithms that the user’s account is authentic and deserves to gain more exposure. However, when the system detects engagements that are not authentic, meaning they’re not linked to real IG users with real accounts on the platform, the person buying those engagements could be penalized. Worse, the user could lose their account completely for breaking Instagram’s rules.

One way to ensure you’re not risking your account is to purchase comments and other engagements from reputable sites.

Only a few sites deliver comments because they require a separate and unusual infrastructure compared to other service types. Almost all of the vendors that do sell comments offer generic ones created by bots, which could trigger an account ban.

The good news is that we’ve researched sites offering genuine comments and will share them with you in this article. Here are the 5 best sites to buy Instagram comments.

5 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments

1. Twicsy

Twicsy isn’t the first site to sell comments, but it is one of the best you can find. Since its launch, the platform has been building on its strength, taking time to develop new products like Instagram comments that are legitimate and will impress the IG algorithms enough to trigger additional exposure for the post receiving the comments. 

Unlike some Instagram service platforms that sell generic comments from bots, Twicsy sells comments posted by real Insta users. It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to create lifelike interactions with the post, and the comments they deliver look exactly like a real person has written them. The comments are on-topic and add to the conversation, and then they’re posted by actual IG users from their own accounts.

Users who buy these comments from Twicsy can be sure that they won’t be removed, and that they’ll receive a major boost in their online reach. 

Users can buy from five comments to 50 comments. The price is flexible, starting at $10. You can see the comments before paying, so you can generate new ones if you’re unsatisfied with the ones earlier displayed. Delivery is quick, and Twicsy’s support is always ready to help you with any issue. 

All customer information shared with Twicsy is completely protected. The platform only requires your credit card details, Instagram username, and email to process payment. Twicsy is the best site we’ve found for Instagram comments.

2. Buzzoid

Buzzoid is often called the “second-best” for purchasing Instagram comments. Like Twicsy, Buzzoid uses artificial intelligence to create authentic, well-written comments that stay on the topic. Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t flag the comments, because they are customized as if written by an actual Instagram user.

The service offers two packages. The small package allows users to buy comments ranging from 5 to 10. On the other hand, the larger package contains between 25 to 50 comments. 

Whether a company wants to build a larger community on Instagram or an influencer wants to make one of their posts go viral, Buzzoid’s meticulously crafted comments posted by users with real accounts will allow them to reach their goal.

Buzzoid also allows users to regenerate comments before completing the checkout process, which is secure and designed to ensure quick delivery. Users can always reach out to support if they have any problems. Buzzoid may be newer than Twicsy, but it’s catching up.

3. Rushmax

Rushmax is another reputable service provider that sells Instagram comments. The platform uses a proprietary advanced system to analyze posts and generate beautifully crafted comments that resonate with the post. This increases engagement and signals Instagram’s algorithm to boost reach.

The platform has done amazingly well and it’s no wonder they have gained many Instagram users’ trust. They have an excellent track record of delivering quality comments. Rushmax can help struggling Instagram accounts build large audiences through engagements from real accounts, and it is a solid alternative to Twicsy and Buzzoid.

4. InstaPort

InstaPort may not be as popular as Twicsy or Buzzoid or even have Twicsy’s massive infrastructure, but the platform is gaining ground quickly among users. The platform uses advanced systems to craft intelligent comments based on the content, leaving Insta’s algorithm with no choice but to push the content.

The platform has a good customer service team that users can contact when a problem arises. The service delivery is quite good, and the price for the packages is modest, similar to Rushmax. The payment process is seamless, and it supports most payment options. 

5. IWantMoreFollowers

IWantMoreFollowers is a lesser-known site that has recently started boosting users’ online social media presence through comments. This website aims to amplify a user’s Instagram presence and boost their audience through real-life interactions.

The comments are all posted by real IG users, so they’ll stay on the account and the algorithms will see them as signals to boost viewership for the video where they’re posted. Since this service is so new to providing this service, though, the comments they deliver aren’t always the best quality you can find. They usually make sense but aren’t always germane, so they’re less likely to encourage engagement.

Pricing is slightly more attractive than the top four choices in these rankings, but then again, you’re not getting quite the same product so the adage “you get what you pay for” applies here. Those who are on a small budget may want to give IWantMoreFollowers a try, but shouldn’t be surprised if the results aren’t as powerful as they might have hoped.

How Do Instagram Comments Help Accounts to Grow Organically?

Hundreds of millions of videos are posted daily on the platform, making it challenging for the platform to choose which videos will be given widespread exposure. As such, they use algorithms to choose popular content from the platform’s most famous accounts and give those photos and videos an audience boost. This relegates videos from smaller accounts, making them largely unseen. That is why smart Instagram users have found that purchasing comments can make their accounts more popular.

Instagram updated its algorithms, prioritizing user engagement more. Content that triggers substantial and substantive discussions are given more weight than ever before. Therefore, purchasing realistic comments for small accounts is one of the ways users can gain more visibility and reach a wider audience.    

What Is the Best Website to Buy Instagram Comments?

The best websites to buy Instagram comments are Twicsy and Buzzoid. These reputable sites are known for their expedited service delivery of high-quality comments, likes, and followers. They leverage AI to craft intelligent comments based on the post, making it impossible for Instagram’s algorithms to tell the difference between purchased and organic comments. The packages sold by these services are affordable, and they let you gain more engagements quickly and effectively.

Can You Buy Real Instagram Comments?

You can buy real Instagram comments from reputable service providers, such as Twicsy, Buzzoid, and Rushmax, to boost engagement visibility, and gain more followers. Instagram’s algorithms do not flag comments from these sites because they look completely authentic and are posted by users from their own real accounts. Be wary of purchasing generic comments from scammy sites, because you could risk a ban on your account.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy Comments on Instagram?

It depends on the provider and the type of package. Typically, prices start from $4 for 10 comments to about $150 for 1000 comments. That may sound expensive, but just think how long it would take you to write those comments by yourself; the prices that trustworthy comment providers charge are more than reasonable. Just be sure to stick with a reputable provider for your Instagram comments, to ensure that they’ll stay on your posts and trigger greater growth on the platform.

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