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Social media offers unlimited opportunities to individuals and businesses interested in engaging with different audiences online. For instance, Instagram is an effective tool that uses images and videos to promote engagement among the users of the platform.

However, the growth and popularity of your Instagram account can depend on the engagement your content receives, which means you need views and likes to become more popular and important on the app. 

After publishing a post, receiving likes on that content demonstrates to other users that your content is interesting and worth watching. Even more crucial is the fact that Instagram’s algorithms award greater visibility to posts that receive high levels of interaction. 

Attracting IG likes can be challenging, especially when you’re new on the platform. The good thing is that you can overcome this challenge by purchasing likes. But how do you buy likes? How do you know if they are going to “work?” This guide explores the six best sites to buy Instagram likes and how purchasing likes can help you reach your social media goals. 

1. Twicsy

Twicsy is the best site to use when you want to buy Instagram likes. It has been recommended by reputable media platforms including Men’s Journal and US Magazine. It has also received numerous recommendations from businesses and IG influencers, proving that Twicsy is a force to reckon with in the social media industry. 

To buy likes from Twicsy, you simply need to decide between high-quality and slightly higher-priced premium likes and choose your package. Prices are always affordable, and buyers are offered discounts when they buy larger packages. Twicsy’s packages range from 50 up to 10,000 likes which can be delivered instantly or gradually.

The crucial attribute of Twicsy likes: they’re all real, meaning that real IG users will like your posts from their own Insta accounts. As a result, the Instagram algorithm will reward you with a larger audience for the posts, contributing to your account’s organic growth.

The process of buying likes is fast and safe. You only need to use your email address and username; Twicsy never asks you for your Instagram password. And their website protects sensitive data with full encryption and secure servers. The service provides 24/7 support from a dedicated customer service team.

Here’s what matters most: the results delivered by Twicsy’s real likes power real organic growth stronger than you’ll see from any other provider.

2. Buzzoid

Buzzoid is another reputable site where you can buy likes. It is renowned for providing quality services, and it has delivered nearly 10 billion likes over its decade of operation. Major outlets like US Magazine, New York Family, Men’s Journal, and Delco Times have all recommended this site. 

Buzzoid’s Instagram likes are all real and authentic, and they’re available in packages that start at 50 real likes and range all the way up to 10,000; there’s a package for every account size, and you can also upgrade to more powerful premium likes. Even better, you can split your likes between multiple posts. Buzzoid’s likes are nicely priced as it is, but that’s an even bigger bargain. 

To purchase likes, you only need to submit an email address and username. No password is required, so the entire process is seamless. You’ll begin seeing your likes a few minutes after buying them. And if there are any problems (a rare occurrence), you can contact the dedicated Buzzoid support staff that’s available 24/7. 

3. Rushmax

Rushmax offers affordable likes packages designed to suit the needs of all Instagram users. For as little as $1.47, you can purchase real likes that will boost your account’s visibility and popularity. Packages are available for every account size, and most packages come with a sizeable discount.

Rushmax always delivers real likes from real IG users, giving customers peace of mind because the likes will never trigger account penalties or bans, and will always generate real Instagram growth. You can receive instant or gradual delivery of your likes purchased depending on your needs. 

Rushmax also offers excellent customer support. You can contact the support team any time you need assistance.

4. InstaPort

This site is newer to the market but is already in a league with providers like Twicsy and Buzzoid. InstaPort can instantly deliver between 10 and 10,000 likes to your posts, and you can split those packages between multiple videos and photos. The purchase process is simple and secure and prices are right in line with those charged by other high-end services.

The likes you receive, of course, are all real – InstaPort wouldn’t have made this list if they supplied fake likes that could hurt your account. Results from this provider’s interactions are good, support is always available, and InstaPort is a nice addition to the Instagram provider world.  

5. SocialPrestige

SocialPrestige is also a newer venue for buying Instagram likes, and they may be on the same level as our top-ranked sites very soon. For now, they can only deliver up to 1,000 real IG likes, but the quality of their interactions is excellent and can work well for smaller accounts that don’t need enormous numbers of likes.

Delivery is one area where SocialPrestige is still working out the kinks, as likes can be rather slow to arrive. But the website is safe and secure, customer support is good, and this service looks like its strong growth will soon make it an option for Instagram users with accounts of all sizes.

6. Followers R Us

By contrast, Followers R Us has been delivering Instagram likes for years, so there’s no growth on the horizon for the service. What they could use is faster delivery speed, since their likes often take a full day to arrive (compared to the few minutes it takes most other high-level IG providers).

All of the likes from this service are real, but their quality isn’t quite at the same level as those from competitors like Twicsy and Buzzoid. On the other hand, prices for Followers R Us likes are lower than the ones charged by those providers, so this could be a good budget option for some IG users.

Why Buy Instagram Likes?

Instagram likes are crucial in promoting the growth of your account. When the IG algorithm detects growing numbers of likes on your profile, you’ll be rewarded with a larger audience that allows you to grow your account organically. High numbers of likes also provide “social proof” that gets visitors to spend time viewing your content, another reason that purchasing likes and other engagements can boost organic growth. 

How do I Know if the Instagram Likes I Buy are Legit?

Some sites offer fake likes created by bots, which violate Instagram’s rules and won’t contribute to account growth. They may even cause the system to delete your account.

The way to avoid problems is to always check to see if the site offers real likes. That’s not easy, of course, since vendors aren’t going to tell you that they sell fake likes. Those who aren’t experienced in the Instagram service world would be smart to buy from a service that’s been verified by a trustworthy third party to only sell real likes. All of the providers we’ve reviewed can be relied on to always deliver real and safe IG likes.

How Many Likes Do You Need For Your Instagram Account?

The number of likes you should buy is largely determined by the size of your account or brand. For instance, if you operate a small business with only a few IG followers, you should start with a small package and gradually increase your purchases to attract more organic followers.

How Do Likes Contribute to The Growth of Your IG Account?

They do it in two ways. First, the likes tell Instagram that your content is popular and deserves a larger audience; more viewers means more opportunities to pick up organic followers. Second, most people aren’t interested in spending time on pages with little or no activity; when they see a high like count, they’re more likely to watch your videos and view your photos. 

Bottom Line

Buying likes is an excellent way to improve your social media presence. When you buy IG likes, you can jumpstart your journey to Instagram importance because you will be rewarded by the algorithms with a larger audience – meaning you’ll be adding new followers, growing your account’s popularity and influence.

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