Twitter rolls out bottom navigation bar to all Android users

Twitter rolls out bottom navigation bar to all Android users

A few months ago, Twitter started testing a navigation bar feature which saw the main app navigation move to the bottom of the page. As of the time of writing, the feature has now been provided to all users of Android to benefit from.

Apparently, this change was made in line with the Google Material Design guidelines which stipulates that such navigation bars be at the bottom of the age rather than at the top.

Of a truth, this is a change that will be loved by many – especially the users of phones with bigger screens. The navigation bar being close to the phone’s main navigation icon means the user can now access important parts of their timeline from the base of the page rather than stretch their hand all the way up.

However, Twitter has now removed the swipe feature from the app, leaving the only way to switch tabs to be by tapping on the relevant icons.

Still on that, the new navigation bar moved to the bottom takes up more space than should, effectively reducing the amount of content that can be displayed on a page per time. This problem is made more pronounced since the navigation bar does not fold up/ get hidden when the user is scrolling.

For now, though, we want to believe that the team behind this integration are working hard to make sure everything falls perfectly in place with the next set of rollouts.

Speaking of updates and rollouts, those that are using the latest version of the Twitter app need not upgrade before they start enjoying the new feature. You will find it automatically added to your app the next time you log in.

If it’s not there, you should head over to the Play Store and get the latest version of the official Twitter app too.


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