VIDEO: The K4000 screen was used to make a wooden chair.

This year OUKITEL is even more strict on the quality of mobile devices. Both the software and hardwares of the device is tested again and again to make sure the quality is not compromised in any way.

Since the OUKITEL K4000 got the new concise version software -Max UI, its body is also meeting some new challenges, This time K4000 challenges to make a small woodden stool by knocking nails into the important joints.

Though we have seen some similar videos of the k4000 and k4000 pro being used to knock nails into wood, this time, the woods seems more solid than the ones used before.

After successfully making the stool, a man who weighs about 75KG sat and stepped on it to test the stability, The stool bore the weight and pressure incredibly, as if to say it was made with a real hammer.

You can buy the K4000 with the new Max UI at a big discount price HERE, there is also an option of switching to the basic UI if you want or don’t want to use the Max UI.

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