Video: OnePlus 7 Pro’s camera pop-up could hold half a bag of cement

Video: OnePlus 7 Pro’s camera pop-up could hold half a bag of cement

The OnePlus 7 Pro was designed with the new pop up selfie camera technology, and that marks a first from the company. Well, considering the fact that they even launched a Pro version of their unit at the same time with the base model, that tells us that some things are changing behind the screens.

Well, some people might be worried about the durability of such a feature, and whether or not it is worth the extra cash they would splurge to have it.

Already, OnePlus has stated that this feature has been made to withstand a lifetime of 300,000 pop-ups. This is way more than the average (and even more than average) person takes selfies, so we should be safe on that front. But then, what if it was left up and something were to drop on it?

OnePlus thinks you should think nothing of that.

The company released a new publicity stunt cum promo aimed at this feature, and it showed that we haven’t been giving that camera module as much credit as it should get. In the promotional video, it was shown that this part of the phone could hold as much as 22.3kg slab of cement without yielding under pressure.

We really do doubt if you’ll ever need to use your smartphone for this kind of thing, but it does give you peace of mind that the feature is as strong and durable as they come.


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