Vivo teases the Nex 3 with new customisable camera UI

Vivo Nex 3

Only a couple of weeks ago, we made a post about a Vivo Nex 3 unboxing video. The video showed the display curves and some other features of the device.

Now, just a little over a week away from the official unveiling of the Nex 3, we have more information. The general product manager of Vivo has boasted about the default camera app of the device. He teased the new camera app in a Weibo post. In his post, he said that the Nex 3 would come with a new camera UI that can be almost fully customised.

From the screenshots shared by the general product manager, we see a lot of modes for users. Reports suggest that you can actually choose which icons and functions to show up on the viewfinder. You can also re-arrange the shooting modes to suit your usage of the camera.

We do not yet know if Vivo is making this new camera UI a Nex exclusive or if we will be seeing it in other Vivo devices soon.


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