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The Blackberry Priv started out as what most mobile phones we eventually see on the market start out to be – pure rumors. Unlike other phones though, we initially thought it best to quickly distance ourselves from the possible production of the Blackberry Venice (as the Priv was first rumored to be) as it sounded absurd that Blackberry would even develop an Android smartphone. Then, the first images leaked. As if that wasn’t enough, BB CEO himself announced the making of a possible Android flavored smartphone. Then an interview session which saw John Cher himself hold the phone, and thus, our doubts began to start getting erased.

The Blackberry Priv which is set to go on sale on the 6th of November amidst a lot of anticipation has finally been taken to Carphone WareHouse, a UK firm which would also be selling the device and Carphone has done what anyone of us right now would love to do. Unbox the device.

Doing this in a video for us to see, the Blackberry Priv comes with a manual, SIM ejector tool, a USB cable and an headset, and that’s pretty much everything in the box plus the device itself.

Blackberry Hub that keeps all of your notifications is still present on this device likewise, so BB 10 users should still feel at home. The keyboard for typing is modeled after that of the BB Passport and as such, heavy typing can be done on this device. The Blackberry Calendar and BB search (which most of us are used to already) also comes with this device. When we get the phone ourselves though, we’ll be able to do so much more.


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