What Android Phones Should You Have for Your Work?

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In 2021, phones are closely linked with business. You can really make use of flexible working hours, and remote working is made much easier with a reliable mobile device! We spoke to TechQuarters, who offer managed IT support London based workers use all the time when their phones or applications aren’t working properly. “A lot of customers are working whilst travelling or make a lot of calls at work and prefer to use their phones,” says TechQuarters. “So, supporting their mobile devices is a big part of our services.”

But what kind of phones are best for working in business? “Generally, we recommend a high-end android phone for conducting business.” Says TechQuarters. One of the best things about using androids for business is that you can get the Microsoft 365 applications on them. “Microsoft 365 is the best suite of applications available for business purposes,” says TechQuarters.

Microsoft applications enable you to work and conduct business with your phone so easily – with apps like Microsoft Teams for chatting, calling, and videoconferencing; or the Office 365 applications which provide note-taking capabilities, email services, word-processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. SharePoint is another great services to use on your phone. It is a centralised cloud storage service intended for us by a whole company. The SharePoint Office 365 integration is very good, which means you can upload and create new documents, spreadsheets, notebooks, or presentations within SharePoint, and share the files to colleagues or teams very easily.

There are a lot of different phones out there, but there are definitely some more highly recommended models you should consider. For example, you may want to choose the Samsung Galaxy Note S20 Ultra. “We have a few engineers delivering IT support in London that use this model.” Says TechQuarters. The Note S20 has a handy stylus which is useful in a lot of situations that business users might experience. It also has an ultra-HD screen, a 108MP camera, and a high-powered chipset.

Android phones are great for working and doing business. If you haven’t got one already, you should definitely look into getting one to make working more flexible.


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