What to Look Out for When Buying a Phone

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Getting a phone is a serious business with practically loads of factors to consider. However, what informs most people’s choice of a phone is hinged on a few of those factors. For some, it is the maker of the phone that is of interest, names matter to them and so some brands are seen as status symbols. For some people, it is how slim the phone looks, for others it is all about colours, while for others still, it is about cool features.

When it comes to making a choice of phone to buy, like placing a bet on a game, you need to pick the best bookmaker who combines all the right attributes to give you the best result. A good example is  that combines a lot of cool features to offer greater value to bettors. So, for each of the brands of phone, it is not just the sound of the name or the popularity, but a combination of value delivering factors for the intending user. This is especially important when you consider that almost every year manufacturers present upgrades to their existing product and then repackage and release to the public at a higher price.

So, here are the basic factors people consider when shopping for a phone.

Camera Quality

In a world of selfies and social media, the number one consideration when it comes to phone purchase is for so many people is the camera quality. For so many tech savy people, any phone whose back camera is not up to 13 mega pixel is not up to standard. Little wonder you see people at parties or weddings pointing their phones away from them with a smile on their faces clicking away. This culture of capturing the moment means that the camera of the phone must be very sharp to produce good resolution.

Battery Life

In a country where power supply is highly unreliable, it is only natural to see people put a premium on the battery life of their phones. It is often a common sight to see people clutching their phones and a power bank everywhere they go, this is in a bid to keep the phone running in the face of drained battery. Therefore, one of the questions a prospective phone buyer would consider is the standby time of the battery or the length of time the phone’s battery will last if fully charged.


The how of the phone then comes in question after the first two considerations have been met. How does the phone perform? How easy is it to navigate through the phone? Nobody want to be saddled with the task of uncovering a riddle presented by a phone bought with their hard earned monies and so the easier to use, the better for buyers.


Surprisingly, the brand of phone to buy only comes into focus because of recommendation by others who have used same.  It is only very few people that are trend crazy and fashion conscious that go for the brand consideration out of a desire to meet up with status symbol. For some in this category, it is either because a celebrity has used the brand or the advert was so “dope” or one very rich man is using the same.

Whatever factors you consider when you want to get that next smartphone, just make sure it is a phone that will serve you well because your phone is an investment that will end up saying a lot about you. More importantly, take the time to check out the specifications and warranty offer.


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