WhatsApp shutting down support for some Android, iOS and Windows devices

WhatsApp shutting down support for some Android, iOS and Windows devices

There was a time when WhatsApp was ending its support for all devices on the Java, Symbian and older Android versions. That was done to ensure the newer updates of the app can be optimised for a more sophisticated and robust operating system while their engineers focused less on adapting the app to older generation softwares.

As of the time of this writing, the Facebook-owned company has come out with yet another one of such moves. This time, they will be cutting through the broad spectrum of Windows, Android and iOS devices.

According to the new post put up by WhatsApp, users with:

  • iOS 7 or earlier,
  • Android 2.3.7 or earlier or
  • Windows phones

will not be able to access the platform anymore. The management of the instant messaging app has also been generous enough to give a timeframe – making sure this change only kicks into effect from February 1, 2020. Looking at the versions that they will not be supporting anymore, though, it is sure that not many people will be affected.

For Android, less than 1% of the population is still on the mentioned version or earlier. The numbers are a little higher for Apple (at around 5% on iOS 10 or earlier), but it would work in to the same figures since Android users are much more than iOS subscribers.

There is no choice for Windows phone users since all of them gets affected – but then, who still has a Windows device for a main phone?


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