Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 could launch on September 15 with no chin

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 could launch on September 15 with no chin

Fans of Xiaomi phones, get in here!

If you, like us, have been waiting for the release of what is to be the successor to Mi Mix 2S, we have news for you. In fact, we have more than one interesting piece of news for you today.

It should be known that the Mi Mix was the first phone from Xiaomi to embrace the full-screen mode to ensure users got a good value for money/ screen real estate and had less bezels to deal with. That feature has been improved by the year and now, we have every reason to believe that the new unit will be coming with almost no chin at all.

If you don’t believe us, check the poster below and tell us what you think about that.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 poster

Awesome, right? That is not the only thing to make you excited

Looking loosely at the poster, you will see that the phone has a suggested unveiling date of September 15. That is just a month and half from now and we can start counting down to the date together.

We believe this date a little more since it is in line with the first poster leak that suggests a September date. A periscope-style camera was also teased then. If the bezels all around the phone are as thin as the one near the chin, this type of camera will surely be called into play.

Before this phone launches, you should know that it will face a lot of competition from the likes of the Oppo Find X which also has an impressive screen-to-body ratio. If there is one thing we know about Xiaomi though, it is that they have something up their sleeves – and it is coming out soon!


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