Xiaomi Redmi K70 Ultra Teasers – Key Features Confirmed

New teasers from Xiaomi have offered a comprehensive look at the upcoming Redmi K70 Ultra smartphone, they also revealed that the device is set to debut anytime this month makeup for what they missed with Redmi K70 and K70 Pro models.

One of the key upgrades of the Ultra version is the new camera design and a more textured power button. The teasers also revealed some key specifications of the Redmi K70 Ultra.

The phone is touted to be powered by a Dimensity 9300+ chipset that features a new 3D heat dissipation solution, which is advertised to reduce the chip’s temperature by up to 3°C.

Interestingly, while the display resolution is being downgraded to 1220p from the K70 Pro’s QHD+ display, it still maintains a 120 Hz refresh rate. Xiaomi has also collaborated with TCL to develop this new display, and the K70 Ultra will be the first smartphone to use it.


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