Xiaomi teases the Mi Mix 2S again, focuses on the camera

Xiaomi has gradually been building up the anxiety and expectations around its upcoming Mi Mix 2s unit in preparation for a grand unveiling on the 27th of March.

Today sees another one of such teasers with the Asian OEM focusing on their device’s cameras this time around. From to the image, there are clapping hands with a vague line of text to tease the new features to come with the Mix 2s’ cameras.

Xiaomi teases the Mi Mix 2s again, this time on camera Xiaomi teases the Mi Mix 2s again, this time on camera

There is no indication as to what the clapping hands mean for now. Since clapping hands must be at a speed, this teaser could be suggesting such a speed in the camera department. Likewise, we shouldn’t forget that the Snapdragon 8445 chipset was teased with a hand-based poster too.

This chipset has been revealed to be one with advanced AI capabilities for cameras. That could well be another angle that we are not exploring. Whatever it is, we will be very sure by late March.


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