You Can Now Pre-order the Transparent Nubia Red Magic 5G

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The new nubia Red Magic 5G gaming smartphone was unveiled more than two months ago. The handset has been on sale across the globe, but only in its regular color options – Black, Mars Red, or Cyber Neon. A fourth option, called Transparent Edition, was initially introduced, but hasn’t seen the light of day ever since.

Today, this is changing – nubia has posted the device for pre-order in China for the price of CNY4,599 which is around N253,000 in Nigeria – that’s the cost for the version with 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage.

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The Transparent Edition doesn’t really have a transparent back – it is a sophisticated sticker on the inside of the protective glass that is showcasing where key components are placed without actually revealing stuff like the chipset or any other internals. The brand claimed you can see the fan spinning through the glass, but that looks like a marketing gimmick picturing what is happening on the inside.

Going through some reviews of the smartphone, one can be really impressed with what nubia has done to the Red Magic smartphone. At the time of the arrival, it was the only smartphone with a 144 Hz refresh rate, it has a good performance for its price, and it brings shoulder triggers for optimal gaming.

While pre-orders are live at, the actual flash sale is scheduled for May 31 at 10:00 GMT +8. During the launch in March, we also heard about a Red Magic 5G with 16 GB RAM that should cost north of CNY5,000 (over $700 and around N273,000 in Nigeria), but nubia is keeping silent for now.


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