ZTE develops ‘Iceberg’ with two notches

ZTE develops ‘Iceberg’ with two notches

What’s better than one notch? Two!

While the world is still debating whether or not a notch was needed in phone designs, ZTE has gone on to place two notches on a new unit. Yes, you read that right – two notches, with one on the top and the other at the bottom, depending on how you are holding the device.

This revelation came from an entry that Asian OEM made at the iF World Design contest which was designed to celebrate exceptional designs in technology. The device has been codenamed ‘Iceberg’ for now but with the ZTE naming system, that could well be the real name at the time of public launch.

ZTE develops ‘Iceberg’ with two notches

Talking about the notches, ZTE went further to build a loudspeaker into one of each. The front and rear glass is not held in place by a metal. Rather, ZTE went for another glass so that the product is so fluid in the hands, it is almost like a ‘fragment of ice.’ Way to rep the name, don’t you think?

According to the design entry, the smartphone is set to launch ‘after 2017.’ That is a very vague expression that could mean this year, the next or in a decade. However, we are one that will like ZTE to give us more than this tip of the iceberg (all pun intended) and bring the smartphone to the markets so we can feel it too.

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